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Our jobs - Unilex Maritime is a company providing maritime expertise and claims adjustment services in Marseille (France) and abroad. Ask for an estimate online.
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Unilex Maritime provides cargo surveys services in Marseille for shippers and consignees. Our company specialises in claims management and prevention of risks in France and others parts of Europe. Condition, damage, pre-insurance surveys: discover all our services in details by browsing our website. Feel free to contact our company to get a free estimate.



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You are looking for a company providing cargo loading monitoring services in Toulon or elsewhere in the south of France? Get in touch with Unilex Maritime, company that specialises in maritime expertise in Marseille and its surroundings. Our company offers surveying and average adjustment services in the marine and transportation fields. Learn more about our company's expertise by visiting or website or contact us by phone.

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You are looking for a marine survey expert in Marseille, Le Havre or in another French city? Contact Unilex Maritime, Lloyd's Agent. Our company provides surveys in ports in France as well as in other European countries (United Kingtom, The Netherlands, Belgium...). We offer you a broad range of services such as cargo surveys, loading monitoring, recovery action... Find out more about our know-how and all our services on our website!

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Surveys of goods carried by sea

Surveys of goods carried by sea
Unilex Maritime, a Lloyd's agent, carries out surveys of goods carried by sea. Inspection and checking of cargoes, based on our experience in the field of transport and regulations. We provide the following services for maritime transport: > Prevention of transport risks > Analysis [...]
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Discharge monitoring Bags Bulk cargo maize
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Discharge monitoring Bags Bulk cargo wheat
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Marine surveys

Marine surveys
Unilex Maritime, a Lloyd's Agent, carries out marine surveys (hull and machinery) in France and Africa. We carry out the following types of marine survey: > Condition surveys > Damage surveys > Pre-insurance surveys > Marine surveys following collision, accidental grounding or [...]
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